7 Signs That You May Need A Root Canal

Jun 02, 2023
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The sooner you seek out treatment for tooth decay, the more likely you are to be able to save the tooth. Here are some serious signs that you might need a root canal — and should act fast to avoid losing your tooth.

When it comes to a lot of health problems, fast action matters. Let something linger, and your treatment options narrow. 

That applies to your oral health, too. For example, if your tooth decay has escalated past the point that it can be solved by a simple filling, you’ll need a root canal. But if you continue waiting to address the issue, that decay can spread further, eventually causing you to lose the tooth.

Long story short, if you think you might need a root canal, make it a point to visit our team at LA Dentists Group as soon as possible. And if you’re not sure if this applies to you, here are seven reasons you should schedule a visit to our Glendale, California, office.

1. A toothache

Tooth pain isn’t normal. It’s likely a sign that the decay has moved past the hard, protective outer portions of your tooth into the sensitive pulp inside. 

If you have a persistent toothache, come see our team so we can find out what’s going on. 

2. Tenderness

If your tooth or gums feel tender, something in your mouth isn’t as it should be. If you have gum tenderness, it could be a mild case of gingivitis, but keep an eye on it. If regular brushing and flossing don’t cause the tenderness to abate in a week or so, visit us. 

3. Swelling

Do you have swelling on your face near your mouth or in your gums? If so, you might have a tooth abscess, which means there’s an infection in your affected tooth or the surrounding area. Even if that swelling goes away, it could just mean the abscess drained into the surrounding area, potentially spreading the infection. 

4. Pus

If you have an abscess, you’re also going to be dealing with pus. In some cases, you won’t see it because it’s inside your tooth. In others, though, it can make its way to your gum line. If you have something that looks like a pimple on your gum line, it’s a clear indicator you need dental care. 

5. Temperature sensitivity

Once decay reaches the pulp inside your tooth, your mouth gets more sensitive. You might notice that you have more trouble tolerating hot or cold and that any discomfort lingers even after you swallow the cold or hot substance. 

6. Trouble eating

When your teeth are healthy, they have no trouble bearing the pressure of your bite force. But once decay enters the scene, chewing can get increasingly uncomfortable. 

7. Tooth discoloration

While your tooth might darken for a number of reasons, watch for it, especially if it comes with any of the other signs on this list. It could be discolored because decay is eating through the white outer layer of your tooth (the enamel), exposing the darker, yellower dentin underneath. 

If you notice any of these signs, acting fast can help you save the tooth. Don’t wait to call our office or book your appointment online today.