Let's Talk About Dental Anxiety

Feb 06, 2024
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Roughly one in three Americans has the same fear: going to the dentist. If you live with dental anxiety, you should know that you have options for overcoming it.

You know that in order to stay healthy, you need to periodically take certain steps. You might visit your doctor for an annual physical or periodically see a dermatologist to get screened for skin cancer, for example. Regularly visiting a dentist should absolutely be on your list, too. Your oral health plays a big part of your overall wellness. 

If the thought of visiting the dentist puts a pit in your stomach, you’re not alone. Because this is such a common fear, our team at LA Dentists Group has a way to help: sedation dentistry. To make your next dental appointment your calmest one yet, come visit us at our office in Glendale, California, to explore what sedation dentistry can do for you. 

Addressing dental anxiety

Roughly 36% of Americans report a shared fear: visiting the dentist. And since every one in three people has some level of nervousness about getting dental treatment, it’s high time that dentists did something to help. 

Enter: sedation dentistry. With this option, we can help you relax by administering a sedative. If other dental anxiety coping mechanisms like deep breathing haven’t helped, sedation dentistry gives you a way to keep yourself calm in the dentist’s chair.

Plus, we don’t administer sedation in a vacuum. Our team talks with you first about your oral health goals and your fears when it comes to dental care. We have this conversation before we administer the sedative so that you can be clear-headed when you communicate your preferences with us. 

This also allows us to recommend the right level of sedation dentistry for you. 

Your sedation dentistry options

Here at LA Dentists Group, we offer three forms of sedation dentistry: oral sedation, intravenous (IV) sedation, and general anesthesia. 

Generally, oral, or IV sedation offers the calming effect that you need without having to go fully under. 

With oral sedation, you take a pill shortly before your appointment gets underway. This way, the sedation has kicked in by the time we start your teeth cleaning or any other dental treatment you need. You’ll still be awake during your appointment but most people tell us they feel a deep sense of calm. 

IV sedation delivers a similar calming effect, but it’s administered by an IV. This allows us to increase the amount of sedation as needed to keep you comfortable and relaxed. 

In rarer cases, we might recommend general anesthesia. With this option, you sleep through your treatment. This helps patients who need several procedures or who have excessive dental anxiety. We have an on-staff anesthesiologist to administer the general anesthesia safely for you. 

All three of these options give you a way to keep calm while getting the oral health care you need. To talk with us about how sedation dentistry could work for you, call our office or book your appointment online today.